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This is the barn where my cyberpets live, when they aren't off playing on one of my other pages! Rocky lives here too, but you wouldn't know it, because he's always off somewhere as well. After all, he's the guard dog of my pages, and of my cyberpets barn. Please don't take any of my pets out of my barn, because it is theft. If you want any of these pets, please adopt them yourselves. Thanks! I hope you enjoy looking at them!

Camelot Breeze
Twigga Giselle
Firecracker Niagra
Silk and Sassy Jojo

Adopt your own unicorn or pony

Max, my cyberhorse Magic, my enchanted pony
You can adopt your own enchanted pony at Enchantment's Stable

Rocky's footprints

Playful, my kitten Thunder, my pony Rover, my puppy
These are my 3 woobies, Playful, Thunder, and Rover.

Midnight, my fluffy puppy Rainbow, my fluffy horse
These are Midnight, and Rainbow, they are my fluffy creatures.
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