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H O R S E S !!!Firecracker, one of my cyberpets

Hi!! Welcome to my horse page. I normally ride a 9 year old appaloosa mare named Penny, and sometimes, I even help train the 2 and 3 year olds. Penny is fantastic!! She can do anything from jumping to dressage to western pleasure and horsemanship. Someday, if I ever get enough money, I hope to buy her, or a horse like her. Another horse that I used to ride a lot is Junior. He's a 4 year old bay quarter-horse gelding. I trained him to become a schoolhorse, and now he's doing great! Even though they may not look it, horses are very intelligent animals. It took a lot of work to make Junior into a schoolhorse, and I've been riding Penny almost every day for over a year, and we still have some problems!! The smarter the horse is, the more challenging the ride!


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