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ABOVE: My coach and my Penny!

Rocky's footprints
ALL ABOUT ME... Camelot, one of my cyberpets

My name is Jenna Connor, I'm 17 years old, and I live in Hamilton, Ontario. I love horses, they are my favourite animal in the world. I also love all other animals as well. I don't really like sports much, except for riding, and I love going to watch horse shows. My favourite colour is hunter green, and that's the only colour that Penny wears! I own 2 dogs, Tasha and Spike, and rat named Nikki. I hope someday, when I have enough money, I can buy my own horse. I have red hair, brown eyes, and I'm 5'5". I love dogs too, my favourite breed is the black lab. Unfortunately, my parents won't let me have one, because they like small dogs. If you're interested, my ICQ number is 15444656, and my nick is Junior. Remember, you can also e-mail me at

me(on the left) and Sarah at a horse show last year

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